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Metro Sport Icon Set

Metro Sport Icon Set

Metro Sport Icon Set    Metro Sport Icon Set

Version: 1.0
Style: Metro
Count: 263
Variations: 526
Formats:             .PNG, .ICO
Sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256
Price: 45 USD   60 USD

This sport icon set contains 263 icons in modern Metro style suitable for mobile, desktop and web applications in PNG and ICO formats. Each icon is provided in two variations - Black and White. These icons represent different sports, Winter and Summer Olympic Games, activities, gambling and sport inventory.


Please download Metro Sport Icon Set Catalog for entire list of icons.

Icons List

 #  Icon Name  Var. Meaning
1  Air Racing Aircraft2  Air Racing Aircraft
2  American Football Ball2  American Football Ball
3  AmericanFootball Field2  American Football Field
4  AmericanFootball Helmet2  American Football Helmet
5  Archery Arrows2  Archery Arrows
6  Archery Bow2  Archery Bow
7  Archery Crossbow2  Archery Crossbow
8  Archery Target2  Archery Target
9  ATV Racing Quad Bike2  ATV Racing Quad Bike
10  Auto Racing Finish Flag2  Auto Racing Finish Flag
11  Auto Racing Formula One Car2  Auto Racing Formula One Car, F-1
12  Auto Racing Off Road Truck2  Auto Racing Off Road Truck
13  Auto Racing Start Lights2  Auto Racing Start Lights
14  Auto Racing Touring Car2  Auto Racing Touring Car
15  Badminton Racket2  Badminton Racket
16  Badminton Shuttlecock2  Badminton Shuttlecock
17  Ballet Pointe Shoe2  Ballet Pointe Shoe
18  Ballooning Balloon2  Ballooning Balloon
19  Bandy Ball2  Bandy Ball
20  Bandy Stick Ball2  Bandy Stick Ball
21  Baseball Ball2  Baseball Ball
22  Baseball Bat Ball2  Baseball Bat Ball
23  Baseball Field2  Baseball Field
24  Baseball Glove2  Baseball Glove
25  Baseball Helmet2  Baseball Helmet
26  Basketball Ball2  Basketball Ball
27  Basketball Court2  Basketball Court
28  Basketball Hoop2  Basketball Hoop
29  Basque Pelota2  Basque Pelota
30  Beach Soccer Ball2  Beach Soccer Ball
31  Beach Volleyball Ball2  Beach Volleyball Ball
32  Bicycling BMX Bike2  Bicycling BMX Bike
33  Bicycling Helmet2  Bicycling Helmet
34  Bicycling Mountain Bike2  Bicycling Mountain Bike
35  Bicycling Road Bike2  Bicycling Road Bike
36  Bicycling Track Bike2  Bicycling Track Bike
37  Billiard Balls 2 8 152  Billiard Balls 2 8 15
38  Billiard Balls 3 6 142  Billiard Balls 3 6 14
39  Billiard Balls Rack2  Billiard Balls Rack
40  Billiard Balls Triangle2  Billiard Balls Triangle
41  Billiard Ball 142  Billiard Ball 14
42  Billiard Ball 152  Billiard Ball 15
43  Billiard Ball 82  Billiard Ball 8
44  Billiard Cue2  Billiard Cue
45  Billiard Table2  Billiard Table
46  Binoculars2  Binoculars
47  Bobsleigh Sled2  Bobsleigh Sled
48  Bojutsu Bo2  Bojutsu Bo
49  Boomerang2  Boomerang
50  Bowling Ball2  Bowling Ball
51  Bowling Pins2  Bowling Pins
52  Bowling Pin Ball2  Bowling Pin Ball
53  Bowling Shoes2  Bowling Shoes
54  Bowls Balls2  Bowls Balls
55  Boxing Gloves2  Boxing Gloves
56  Boxing Headgear2  Boxing Headgear
57  Boxing Punching Bag2  Boxing Punching Bag
58  Boxing Ring2  Boxing Ring
59  Boxing Shoes2  Boxing Shoes
60  Boxing Speed Ball2  Boxing Speed Ball
61  Bull Fighting Hat2  Bull Fighting Hat
62  Camping Backpack2  Camping Backpack
63  Camping Tent2  Camping Tent
64  Canoeing Canoe2  Canoeing Canoe
65  Cap2  Cap
66  Casino Chips2  Casino Chips
67  Casino Dices2  Casino Dices
68  Casino Playing Cards 12  Casino Playing Cards, Poker
69  Casino Playing Cards 22  Casino Playing Cards, Poker
70  Casino Roulette2  Casino Roulette
71  Casino Slot Machine2  Casino Slot Machine
72  Casino Table2  Casino Table
73  Cheerleading PomPon2  Cheerleading PomPon
74  Chess Chessboard2  Chess Chessboard
75  Chess Pieces2  Chess Pieces
76  Chocolate2  Chocolate
77  Climbing Grappling Hook2  Climbing Grappling Hook
78  Climbing Ice Axe2  Climbing Ice Axe
79  Climbing Rope2  Climbing Rope
80  Compass2  Compass
81  Cricket Ball2  Cricket Ball
82  Cricket Bat Ball2  Cricket Bat Ball
83  Cricket Wicket2  Cricket Wicket
84  Curling Stone2  Curling Stone
85  Darts Dart2  Darts Dart
86  Darts Dartboard2  Darts Dartboard
87  Diving Diving Tower2  Diving Diving Tower
88  Dodgeball Ball2  Dodgeball Ball
89  Dominoes2  Dominoes
90  Fencing Mask2  Fencing Mask
91  Fencing Sabre2  Fencing Sabre
92  Field Hockey Stick Ball2  Field Hockey Stick Ball
93  Fishing Fish Hook2  Fishing Fish Hook
94  Fishing Reel2  Fishing Reel
95  Fitness Dumbells2  Fitness Dumbells
96  Fitness Elliptical Trainer2  Fitness Elliptical Trainer
97  Fitness Hand Grippers2  Fitness Hand Grippers
98  Fitness Jump Rope2  Fitness Jump Rope
99  Fitness Stationary Bicycle2  Fitness Stationary Bicycle
100  Fitness Treadmill2  Fitness Treadmill
101  Floorball Ball2  Floorball Ball
102  Floorball Stick Ball2  Floorball Stick Ball
103  Fricket Flying Disc2  Fricket Flying Disc
104  Futsal Ball 12  Futsal Ball1
105  Futsal Ball 22  Futsal Ball2
106  Futsal Pitch2  Futsal Pitch
107  Gliding Glider2  Gliding Glider
108  Golf Ball2  Golf Ball
109  Golf Club2  Golf Club
110  Golf Club 22  Golf Club
111  Golf Shoes2  Golf Shoes
112  Golf Tee Ball2  Golf Tee Ball
113  Gym Bag2  Gym Bag
114  Gymnastics Balance Beam2  Gymnastics Balance Beam
115  Gymnastics Horizontal Bar2  Gymnastics Horizontal Bar
116  Gymnastics Parallel Bars2  Gymnastics Parallel Bars
117  Gymnastics Pommel Horse2  Gymnastics Pommel Horse
118  Gymnastics Rings2  Gymnastics Rings
119  Gymnastics Springboard2  Gymnastics Springboard
120  Gymnastics Uneven Parallel Bars2  Gymnastics Uneven Parallel Bars
121  Handball Ball2  Handball Ball
122  Handball Ball22  Handball Ball
123  Handball Court2  Handball Court
124  Hang Gliding Hang Glider2  Hang Gliding Hang Glider
125  Hiking Boots2  Hiking Boots
126  Horseback Riding Cap2  Horseback Riding Cap
127  Horseback Riding Crop2  Horseback Riding Crop
128  Horseback Riding Racetrack2  Horseback Riding Racetrack
129  Horseback Riding Saddle2  Horseback Riding Saddle
130  Hurdling Hurdle2  Hurdling Hurdle
131  Hurling Ball2  Hurling Ball
132  Hurling Stick Ball2  Hurling Stick Ball
133  Ice Hockey Helmet2  IceHockey Helmet
134  Ice Hockey Ice Skate2  Ice Hockey Ice Skate
135  Ice Hockey Puck2  Ice Hockey Puck
136  Ice Hockey Rink2  Ice Hockey Rink
137  Ice Hockey Stick Puck2  Ice Hockey Stick Puck
138  International Rools Fotball Ball2  International Rools Fotball Ball
139  Judo Mat2  Judo Mat
140  Jumping High Jump Crossbar2  Jumping High Jump Crossbar
141  Jumping Pole Vault Crossbar2  Jumping Pole Vault Crossbar
142  Karate Kimono2  Karate Kimono
143  Kayaking Kayak2  Kayaking Kayak
144  Kendo Helmet2  Kendo Helmet
145  Kenjutsu Katana2  Kenjutsu Katana
146  Kids Ball2  Kids Ball
147  Kids Kick Scooter2  Kids Kick Scooter
148  Kids Shoes2  Kids Shoes
149  Kids Sled2  Kids Sled
150  Lacrosse Stick Ball2  Lacrosse Stick Ball
151  Lifejacket2  Lifejacket
152  Lottery Ball2  Lottery Ball
153  Lottery Balls2  Lottery Balls
154  Luge Sled2  Luge Sled
155  Medals2  Medals
156  Medal 12  Medal 1
157  Medal 22  Medal 2
158  Medal 32  Medal 3
159  Medal Bronze2  Medal Bronze
160  Medal Gold2  Medal Gold
161  Medal Silver2  Medal Silver
162  Megaphone2  Megaphone
163  Moto Racing Motocross Helmet2  Moto Racing Motocross Helmet
164  Moto Racing Motocross Motorcycle2  Moto Racing Motocross Motorcycle
165  Moto Racing Road Racing Helmet2  Moto Racing Road Racing Helmet
166  Moto Racing Road Racing Motorcycle2  Moto Racing Road Racing Motorcycle
167  Moto Racing Speedway Motorcycle2  Moto Racing Speedway Motorcycle
168  Motorboat Racing Personal Watercraft2  Motorboat Racing Personal Watercraft
169  Olympic Games2  Olympic Games
170  Paintball Gun2  Paintball Gun
171  Paintball Mask2  Paintball Mask
172  Parachuting Parachute2  Parachuting Parachute
173  Petanquel Ball2  Petanquel Ball
174  PingPong Racket Ball2  PingPong Racket Ball
175  PingPong Table2  PingPong Table
176  Podium2  Podium
177  Polo Mallet2  Polo Mallet
178  Puzzle Rubiks Cube2  Puzzle Rubiks Cube
179  Racquetball Racquet2  Racquetball Racquet
180  Rhythmic Gymnastics Ball2  Rhythmic Gymnastics Ball
181  Rhythmic Gymnastics Club2  Rhythmic Gymnastics Club
182  Rhythmic Gymnastics Hoop2  Rhythmic Gymnastics Hoop
183  Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon2  Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbon
184  Ringette Stick Ring2  Ringette Stick Ring
185  Roller Skating Roller Skates2  Roller Skating Roller Skates
186  Rugby League Ball2  Rugby League Ball
187  Rugby Union Ball2  Rugby Union Ball
188  Running Shoes2  Running Shoes
189  Sailing Catamaran2  Sailing Catamaran
190  Sailing Yacht2  Sailing Yacht
191  Scoreboard2  Scoreboard
192  Scoreboard 22  Scoreboard2
193  Scoreboard Baseball2  Scoreboard Baseball
194  Scoreboard Football2  Scoreboard Football
195  ScubaDiving Aqualung2  Scuba Diving Aqualung
196  ScubaDiving Speargun2  Scuba Diving Speargun
197  ScubaDiving Swimfin2  Scuba Diving Swimfin
198  Shooting Handgun2  Shooting Handgun
199  Shooting Rifle2  Shooting Rifle
200  Shooting Rifle 22  Shooting Rifle
201  Shooting Shotgun2  Shooting Shotgun
202  Shooting Shotgun 22  Shooting Shotgun
203  Shooting Target2  Shooting Target
204  Show Jumping Cap2  ShowJumping Cap
205  Show Jumping Obstacle2  Show Jumping Obstacle
206  Skateboarding Skateboard2  Skateboarding Skateboard
207  Skating Ice Skate2  Skating Ice Skate
208  Skeleton Sled2  Skeleton Sled
209  Skiing Goggles2  Skiing Goggles
210  Skiing Ski Boots2  Skiing Ski Boots
211  Skiing Skis12  Skiing Skis
212  Skiing Skis22  Skiing Skis
213  Ski Jumping Ski Jump2  Ski Jumping Ski Jump
214  Snorkeling Diving Mask2  Snorkeling Diving Mask
215  Snorkeling Snorkel2  Snorkeling Snorkel
216  Snowboarding Boot2  Snowboarding Boot
217  Snowboarding Snowboard2  Snowboarding Snowboard
218  Snowmobile Racing Snowmobile2  Snowmobile Racing Snowmobile
219  Soccer Ball2  Soccer Ball
220  Soccer Field2  Soccer Field
221  Soccer Gate2  Soccer Gate
222  Soccer Shoes2  Soccer Shoes
223  Softball Ball2  Softball Ball
224  Squash Racquet2  Squash Racquet
225  Stadium2  Stadium
226  Starting Pistol2  Starting Pistol
227  Stopwatch2  Stopwatch
228  Street Hockey Stick Ball2  Street Hockey Stick Ball
229  Surfing Surfboard2  Surfing Surfboard
230  Swimming Glasses2  Swimming Glasses
231  Swimming Pool2  Swimming Pool
232  Swimming Shoes2  Swimming Shoes
233  Swimming Starting Block2  Swimming Starting Block
234  Taekwondo Helmet2  Taekwondo Helmet
235  Taekwondo Hogu2  Taekwondo Hogu
236  Tennis Ball2  Tennis Ball
237  Tennis Court2  Tennis Court
238  Tennis Racket2  Tennis Racket
239  Tennis Shoes2  Tennis Shoes
240  Throwing Discus2  Throwing Discus
241  Throwing Hammer2  Throwing Hammer
242  Throwing Javelin2  Throwing Javelin
243  Trophy2  Trophy
244  UFC Gloves2  UFC Gloves
245  Volleyball Ball2  Volleyball Ball
246  Volleyball Court2  Volleyball Court
247  Wallyball Ball2  Wallyball Ball
248  Watercraft Paddling Paddle2  Watercraft Paddling Paddle
249  Watercraft Rowing Inflatable Boat2  Watercraft Rowing Inflatable Boat
250  Watercraft Rowing Oar2  Watercraft Rowing Oar
251  Watercraft Rowing Racing Shell2  Watercraft Rowing Racing Shell
252  WaterPolo Ball2  Water Polo Ball
253  Water Skiing Skis2  Water Skiing Skis
254  Weighing Scale2  Weighing Scale
255  Weight Training Barbell2  Weight Training Barbell
256  Weight Training Bench2  Weight Training Bench
257  WeightTraining Dumbbells2  Weight Training Dumbbells
258  Weight Training Kettlebell2  Weight Training Kettlebell
259  Whistle2  Whistle
260  Windsurfing Windsurfboard2  Windsurfing Windsurfboard
261  Wrestling Area2  Wrestling Area
262  Wrestling Shoes2  Wrestling Shoes
263  Yoga Mat2  Yoga Mat
Total: 263526  263 Icons, 526 Variations

Icons Preview

Preview of one icon in all sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256

Metro Sport Icon Set - One icon in all sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256

Icons preview of Metro Sport Icon Set

Icons preview of Metro Sport Icon Set

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