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Hardware & Devices Vector Icons V3.0

Hardware & Devices Vector Icons

Hardware & Devices Vector Icons    Hardware & Devices Vector Icons

Version: 3.0
Series: Vector Icons
Style: Vista/Seven
Count: 363
Format:             .AI (Adobe Illustrator)
Colors: TrueColor + Alpha
Sizes: Any Size (Vector)
Price: 180 USD   360 USD

This stylish set of readily available vector icons (Adobe Illustrator format) represent 363 items of modern electronic hardware such as Smartphones, Cells, Computers, Servers, Mouses, Flash Cards, iPhone, iPod, Game Consoles, Cables, and much much more. The devices are pictured in Windows Vista style, making your applications always appear great.


Please download Hardware & Devices Vector Icons Catalog for entire list of icons.

Icons List

3DDisplay, 3DDisplay Glasses, 3DGlasses, 3DMouse, 3DMouseProfessional, 3DVideoCamera, ActionVideoCamera, ActivityTracker, Administrator, AlarmSystemKeypad, ATMMachine, AudioCD, BarCodeScanner, Batteries, BatteryCharger, BatteryPower Empty, BatteryPower Full, BatteryPower Half, BatteryPower Quarter, Battery 9Volt, Battery ButtonCell, BlackBerry, BladeServer, BluRayDisc, BluRayPlayer, BluRayPlayer Disc, CableBox, Calculator, CameraLens, CarBattery, CarDigitalVideoRecorder, CarHeadrestMonitor, CarHeadUnit, CarOverheadMonitor, Case, CashRegister, CD, CDBox CD, CDBox CDCase, CDCase1, CDCase2, CDDrive1, CDDrive1 CD, CDDrive1 CD Inside, CDDrive2, CDDrive2 CD, CellPhone Bar, CellPhone Flip, CellPhone Old, CellPhone Slider, Chip1, Chip2, Colorimeter, Colorimeter Display, CompactFlashCard, ComponentVideoConnector Plugs, CompositeVideoConnector Plug, CompositeVideoStereoAudioConnector Plugs, Computer, ComputerCase, Computer Earth, Computer Off, Computer Off Earth, ConferencePhone, Cooler1, Cooler2, CreditCardTerminal, DataBase, DigitalClock, DiscSpindle, Display CRT, Display LCD, Display LCD Off, Display LCD Two, Display LCD Widescreen, DJTurntable, DomeCamera, DotMatrixPrinter, DrumScanner, DVD, DVDBox, DVDBox DVD, DVDPlayer, DVDPlayer Disc, DVDPlayer RemoteControl, DVDRecorder, EmbeddedMemoryCard, ErgonomicMouse, EthernetCable, EthernetConnector Plug, EthernetCord, EthernetHub, ExternalCDWriter, ExternalHardDrive, ExternalHardware1, ExternalHardware2, ExternalTVTuner, ExternalTVTuner RemoteControl, Fax1, Fax2, FilmReel, FilmReels, FingerprintScanner, Flash, FlightSimulator, FloppyDisk, FloppyDisk1, FloppyDiskDrive, FloppyDiskDrive1, FloppyDiskDrive 5.25Inch, FloppyDisk 5.25Inch, FloppyDisk Broken, Gamepad1, Gamepad2, GamingConsole, GamingWheel, Gear, Gears, GoogleGlass, GPSNavigationDevice1, GPSNavigationDevice2, Gramophone, GraphicsCard, GraphicsTablet, HardDiskDrive1, HardDiskDrive2, HardDiskDrive3, HardDiskDrive Interior, HDDVD, HDMIConnector Plug Blue, HDMIConnector Plug Grey, Headphones, Headphones Microphone1, Headphones Microphone2, Headset1, Headset2, Headset3, HomeServer, HomeTheaterSystemSpeakers, iMac, iMac Two, ImageScanner, InkjetCartridges, InkjetPrinter, InkjetPrinter Picture, InteractiveKiosk, InternetDataCard, iPad1, iPad2, iPhone, iPod Black, iPod Grey, IPPhone, Joystick, Jukebox, Keyboard, Keyboard Mouse, Lamp Off, Lamp On, LaserPrinter, LaserTonerCartridge, LightEmittingDiode, Mac, MacBook, MacMini, MacPro, MediaLibrary, MediaServer, MemoryModule, MemoryModules, Microphone1, Microphone2, Microphone3, Microphone4, Microphone5, Microphone6, Microphone7 USB, Microphone8 USB, Microprocessor, MicrosoftSurface, MixingConsole, MMCCard, ModemWiFi, Modem Blue, Modem Grey, Motherboard, Mouse, MovieCamera Retro, MovieProjector Retro, MP3Player1, MP3Player2, MultifunctionPrinter, MusicalKeyboard, NetBook, Network, NetworkDrive1, NetworkDrive2, NetworkPrinter1, NetworkPrinter2, NetworkServer, NetworkServers, Network Video, NintendoDS, OpticalFiberCable, OscilloscopeDisplay, Pager, PaperShredder, ParallelPortConnector Plug, PatchPanel, PDA1, PDA2, PhotoCamera, PhotoCamera2, PhotoCameraProfessional, PhotoCamera RangefinderCamera, PhotoCamera Retro, PhotographicFilm, PlasmaDisplay1, PlasmaDisplay2, PlasmaDisplay Cable, PlasmaDisplay RemoteControl, Playstation3, Playstation3Console, Playstation3Controller, PlayStationPortableConsole, Plotter, PortableComputer, PortableDVDPlayer, Power1, Power2, Power3, PowerCord Black, PowerCord Grey, PowerPlug, PowerSocket1, PowerSocket2, PowerSocket Controlled, PowerStrip1, PowerStrip2, PrintedCircuitBoard, ProjectionKeyboard, ProjectionScreen, ProjectionScreen Tripod, Projector1, Projector1 RemoteControl, Projector2, RackConsole, RackServer, RadioRetro, RadioTransmitterAntennaTower, Radio Retro2, RAID, RCAConnector Plug, ReceiverComponent, RemoteControl1, RemoteControl2, RemoteControl3, RemoteControl4, Robot Arm, Robot Bug, Robot Toy, SatelliteDish, SatelliteRadio, SCARTConnector Plug, SDCard, SecurityCamera, Server, ServerRack, ServerRackFrame, Server Grey, SmartCardReader, Smartphone, Smartwatch, SolarPanel, SoundCard1, SoundCard2, SoundCard Speaker, Speaker1, Speaker2, Speaker3, Speaker4, Speakers, SpeakerSystem 2.1Stereo, SpeakerSystem 5.1SurroundSound, SpeakerSystem 7.1SurroundSound, SpeakerSystem LeftSpeaker, SpeakerSystem RightSpeaker, Spotlight1, Spotlight2, Stabilizer, Stylus, Subwoofer, SVideoConnector Plug, SVideoStereoAudioConnector Plugs, SwitchedModePowerSupply, Switch Off, Switch On, TabletComputer, TapeDeck, TapeDeckDrive, TapeRecorder Cassette Retro, TapeRecorder Reel Retro, Telephone1, Telephone2, Telephone3, TelephoneRetro, ToolboxTools, Toolbox Grey, Toolbox Red, Tools1, Tools2, Touchscreen, Trackball, Transistor, Tripod, TRSConnector Plug, TV, TVFullHD, TVHighDefintion, TVSetRetro, TVTunerCard1, TVTunerCard1 RemoteControl, TVTunerCard2, TVTunerCard2 RemoteControl, TwistedPairCable, UltraMobilePersonalComputer, UninterruptiblePowerSupply, USBConnector Plug, USBFlashCard, USBFlashCard CardReader, USBFlashCard CardReader Card, USBFlashCard Yellow, USBToParallelPrinterAdapterCable, USBWirelessNetworkAdapter, VendingMachine, VendingMachine Full, VGACable, VGAConnector Plug, VideoCamera, VideoCameraProfessional, VideoCameraRecorder, VideoCard, VideoIPPhone, VideoMixer, VideoMixer Display, VinylRecord, VoIPDevice, Watch, WebCamera1, WebCamera2, WebCamera3, WebCamera4, WiFiUSBAdapter, Wii, WirelessCard1, WirelessCard2, Xbox, Xbox360, Xbox360 Controller, XLRConnector Plug, ZipDisk, ZipDrive, Zune

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Vector Hardware & Devices Icons

Note: Some of icons may look dirty because JPG compression is used for generating preview images. Original icons have highest quality.


Please download Hardware & Devices Vector Icons Free Demo. It includes several icons in all sizes under Icons-Land Demo License Agreement.

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