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Transport Multiview Vector Icons

Transport Multiview Vector Icons

Transport Multiview Vector Icons    Transport Multiview Vector Icons

Version: 1.0
Series: Vector Icons
Style: Vista Flat/Seven Flat
Count: 305
Format:             .AI (Adobe Illustrator)
Colors: TrueColor + Alpha
Sizes: Any Size (Vector)
Price: 180 USD

This set of vector icons represents 61 vehicles in 5 view variations each and 6 color layers of various modern transport facilities such as Aircrafts, Bikes, Cars, Containers, Emergency Vehicles, Heavy Equipment, Public Transport, Trucks, Watercraft, etc. Each mode of transport is pictured in Flat Style, 5 different views.

All icons are crafted in .AI (Adobe Illustrator) format. Transport Multiview Vector Icons are designed in Flat style.

Transport Multiview Vector Icons can be used in illustrations and UI design for Insurance, Transport and Tourism industries. They can be implemented in the following applications: damages of vehicle for insurance, vehicles monitoring on the map (construction, cargo transportation, assets management, fleet management), logistics applications, vehicle registration, cargo distribution, city public transport schedule, plotting of public conveyances traffic, and much more.


Please download Transport Multiview Vector Icons Catalog for entire list of icons.

Icons List

Airliner, Airplane, Helicopter, Bicycle, Cruiser Motorcycle, Motorcycle, Pedicab, Cabriolet, Camper Van, Car, Executive Car, Hatchback, Luxury Car, Roadside Assistance Car, Service Van, 20ft Container, 40ft Container, Skip, Swap Tank Container, Ambulance, Fire Truck, Police, Recovery Truck, Tow Rig, Tow Truck, Backhoe Loader, Bulldozer, Excavator, Farm Tractor, Forklift Truck, Steam Roller, Coach, Taxi, Box Trailer, Caravan, Car Trailer, Containerized Generator Trailer, Flatbed Trailer Bulkhead, Reefer Trailer, Tanker Trailer, Ultra Silent Generator Trailer, Waste Tanker Trailer, Concrete Pump, FuelTank Truck, Gully Emptier, Haul Truck, Mixer Truck, Sewer Cleaning Truck, Tractor Flatbed Trailer, Tractor Trailer, Tractor Unit, Truck, Water Tank Truck, Barge, Boat, Bulk Carrier, Catamaran, Container Ship, Cruise Ship, Motorboat, Rescue Lifeboat

Icons Preview

Preview of one icon

Transport Multiview Vector Icons - one icon in Adobe Illustrator

Preview of one icon in different color variations:

Transport Multiview Vector Icons - One icon in different variations

Icons preview of Transport Multiview Vector Icons

Airplane Icons, Aircraft Icons

Motorcycle Icons, Bike Icons

Car icons

Containers Icons

Emergency Vehicles Icons, Police Car Icon

Heavy Equipment Icons, Construction Icons

Public Transport Icons

Trailer Icons, Semi-trailer Icons

Trucks Icons, Delivery Truck Icon, Shipping Truck Icon, Semi Truck Icon, Moving Truck Icon

Cruise Ship Vector Icon, Cargo Ship Vector Icon, Sail Ship Vector Icon, Watercrafts Icons

Note: Not all icons are displayed on these preview images. Some small icon modifications are not there.
Please download catalog for entire list of icons.


Please download Transport Multiview Vector Icons Free Demo. It includes several icons in all sizes under Icons-Land Demo License Agreement.

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