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Vista Style Base Software Icons Set V2.0

Vista Style Base Software Icons Set

Vista Style Base Software Icons Set    Base Software Icons Set

Version: 2.0
Style: Vista/Seven
Count: 144
Variations: 754
Formats:             .PNG, .ICO on request
Sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256
Price: 90 USD   120 USD

Previously known Elements Icon Set is advanced into Base Software Icons Set. It contains new icons and modifications suitable for every type of software and web sites. Base Software Icons offers icons that mean actions, objects and states. These icons are suitable for ribbons, toolbars, status bars, menus, categories, links, etc.


Please download Vista Style Base Software Icons Set Catalog for entire list of icons.

Icons List

 #  Icon Name  Var. Meaning
1  Abacus2  Counting Frame, Calculations, Accounting
2  Alarm Clock2  Reminder, Clock, Alarm, Schedule
3  Arrow12  Down, Left, Right, Up, Decrease, Increase, Move, Back, Next
4  Auction Hammer1  Auction, Bidding
5  Badge1  User, Badge
6  Barcode2  Barcode, Product
7  Bell2  Reminder, Alarm, Bell
8  Binoculars1  Search, Find
9  Book5  Help, Information, Dictionary, Book, Dictionaries, Books
10  Box6  Square Background, Box, Button Background
11  Brick7  Part of something
12  Brick Wall1  Firewall, Wall
13  Calendar1  Calendar
14  Cancel23  Cancel
15  Cash Stack1  Cash Stack, Money
16  Check Mark23  OK, Apply, Success, Checked, Completed
17  Circle6  Round Background, Button Background
18  Clock4  Schedule, Clock, Time, Delay
19  Close23  Close, Cancel, Failed, Delete, Kill
20  Coins1  Money, Coins
21  Compasses1  Draw Circle, Measure
22  Computer1  Computer
23  Cone1  Under Construction
24  Contacts1  Contacts Notebook
25  Copy3  Copy Action
26  Credit Card7  Payment by Credit Card
27  Cup2  Wait, Cup, Long-Running Process
28  Cut1  Cut Action
29  Delay1  Delay, Wait, Progress
30  Delete2  Remove, Delete, Erase
31  Dollar Symbol12  Dolay Sign, Money, Payment
32  Door2  Exit, Quit, Close
33  Drawing Pin24  Pin, Drawing Pin, Location, Lock
34  Edit1  Edit, Modify
35  Electric Sign2  Electric Sign, Warning
36  Email Symbol23  EMail Actions, E-Mail Security
37  Eraser1  Clear, Erase, Delete
38  Euro Symbol12  Euro Sign, Money, Payment
39  Favorites1  Favorites
40  File2  File, Document, New Document
41  Filter1  Filter
42  First Aid Kit1  Help, Kit
43  Flag12  Flag, Point, Spot, Pin
44  Flashlight1  Flashlight, Search, Find
45  Folder17  Folder, Folder with documents, Opened Folder, Closed Folder
46  Gears2  Settings, Tools, Configuration
47  Glasses1  Glasses, Details, Search
48  Globe3  Globe, Earth, Internet, Global
49  Gold1  Gold
50  Graph Area1  Area type of Graph, Chart
51  Graph Columns5  Columns type of Graph, Chart
52  Graph Line2  Line Graph, Chart, Stock Chart, Progress Chart
53  Graph Pie4  Pie type of Graph, Chart
54  Hammer1  Tools, Utils
55  Hand2  Share, Edit, Manual Action
56  Heart1  Favorites
57  Help23  Help, Question, FAQ
58  Home1  Home
59  Hougrlass1  Wait, Long Lasting Action
60  IE1  Internet Explorer
61  Indicator20  Indicator, State, Active State, Disabled State
62  Info23  Information
63  Keys3  Security, Activate
64  Lamp2  State, Active State
65  Lego6  Part of Something
66  Lightning1  Power, Reset
67  Link1  Link, HTML Link
68  Lock4  Security, Cipher
69  Magnet2  Magnet
70  Magnifier2  Search, Preview, Details
71  Mail9  EMail, Post Mail, Send EMail
72  Mail Box2  EMail Storage, New EMail
73  Megaphone3  Megaphone
74  Minimize18  Minimize Window
75  Minus23  Decrease, Subtract, Remove, Delete, Erase
76  Money1  Money
77  New2  New, Create
78  Newspaper1  News
79  Notebook3  Notebook, Records, Information
80  Paper Bag1  Temporal Storage
81  Paper Clip24  Attachment, Attach, Pin Together
82  Paste2  Paste Action
83  Pause Player6  Pause Player
84  Pen1  Edit, Modify
85  Pencil3  Edit, Modify, Draw
86  Percent Symbol12  Percent Symbol
87  Piggy Bank1  Piggy Bank, Finance
88  Play6  Play, Start, Activate
89  Plus23  Add, Increase, New, Create
90  Police Badge2  Protection, Safety, Security
91  Pound Sterling Symbol12  Pound Sterling Symbol
92  Power23  Power On/Off, Turn Off, Shut Down
93  Printer1  Printer, Print
94  Print Preview1  Print Preview
95  Protractor2  Measure Angel, Set Angel
96  Puzzle7  Part of Something
97  Quote2  Quote
98  Recycle Bin4  Recycle Bin Empty, Recycle Bin Full
99  Redo2  Redo Action
100  Refresh2  Refresh Action
101  Report2  Report
102  Ring Bouy1  Help, Support, Emergency
103  Ruler6  Measure, Show/Hide Ruler
104  Safe1  Safe, Secure Place
105  Save3  Save, Save All, Save As
106  Scale1  Scale
107  Scissors1  Cut Action
108  Screwdriver1  Tools, Settings, Configuration
109  Script1  Script
110  Sheet4  Sheet, Document, New Document
111  Shield5  Protection, Security, Defence
112  Shopping Basket2  Shopping Basket, Shopping Cart, Store
113  Shopping Cart1  Shopping Cart, Store
114  Shutdown23  Shutdown
115  Sledge Hammer1  Special Tools
116  Sleep1  Sleep
117  Spanner1  Tools, Utils, Configuration
118  Spray Paint1  Drawing Tools
119  Stop25  Stop, Alarm, Error
120  Stop Player6  Stop Playing, Stop Process, Halt
121  Stopwatch2  Time, Schedule, Measure Time
122  Suitcase2  Temporal Storage
123  Summation Symbol12  Sum, Summarize
124  Switch4  Switch, Turn On/Off
125  Table5  Table, Grid, Sheet, Document
126  Tablet2  Paste Action, Tablet
127  Target1  Target
128  Thumbs2  Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down
129  Toolbox3  Toolbox, Toolset, Configuration, Settings
130  Tools2  Tools
131  Traffic Lights1  Traffic Lights
132  Umbrella1  Protection
133  Undo2  Undo Action
134  User7  User, Customer, Support
135  User Group4  User Group
136  Vault Door1  Security, Data Protection
137  Wallet2  Online Money
138  Warning24  Warning, Error, Failed
139  Window1  Window, Form
140  Window Shades1  Hidding
141  Wizard3  Wizard
142  Write1  Edit, Modify
143  Yen Symbol12  Yen Symbol
144  Zoom4  Zoom In, Zoom Out, Zoom Percent, Zoom Reset
Total: 144754  144 Icons, 754 Variations

Icons Preview

Preview of one icon in all sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256

Base Software Icons Set - One icon in all sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256

Icons preview of Vista Style Base Software Icons Set

Icons preview of Vista Style Base Software Icons Set

Symbols Icons

Square Button Icons

Round Button Icons

Shield Icons

Square Background, Round Background

Paper Clip Icons, Drawing Pins Icons, Blocks

Money Icons

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