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XAML Emoticons

XAML Emoticons

XAML Emoticons    XAML Emoticons

Version: 3.0
Series: Icons for WPF and Silverlight
Style: Vista
Count: 80
Formats:             .XAML
Colors: TrueColor + Alpha
Sizes: Any Size (XAML)
Price: 120 USD

Emoticons in XAML format are suitable for WPF and Silverlight applications.


Please download XAML Emoticons Catalog for entire list of icons.

Icons List

Adore, Aggressive, Angry, Badly, Beaten, Beer, Be Up To No Good, Big Smile, Bomb, Boring, Call, Cocktail, Coffee, Cold, Cool, Cry, Crying, Despair, Disappointment, Disgust, Dizzy, Easy Money, Exclamation, Expressionless, Facepalm, Frown, Frustrated, Furious, Giggle, Happy, Hi, Hug, Hungry, Hypnotic, Hysterical, Idea, Impish, Kiss, Kissed, Laugh, LOL, Monocle, Movie, Music, Nerd, Ninja, Party, Pirate, Pudently, Question, Rage, Rose, Sad, Satisfied, Scared, Shock, Sick, Singing, Sleep, Smile, Smoking, Snotty, Sorry, Stars, Stop, Stressed, Struggle, Study, Surprise, Sweat, Sweet Angel, Thinking, Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up, Waiting, Whistling, Wink, Woo, Worn Out, Yawn

Icons Preview

Preview of one icon

XAML Emoticons - one icon in Adobe Illustrator

Icons preview of XAML Emoticons

Icons preview of XAML Emoticons


Please download XAML Emoticons Free Demo. It includes several icons in all sizes under Icons-Land Demo License Agreement.

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