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Medical Vector Icons

Medical Vector Icons

Medical Vector Icons    Medical Vector Icons

Version: 1.0
Series: Vector Icons
Style: Vista/Seven
Count: 287
Format:             .AI (Adobe Illustrator)
Colors: TrueColor + Alpha
Sizes: Any Size (Vector)
Price: 180 USD   360 USD

This icon set contains 287 icons that represent human organs, medical equipment, drugs, pills, documents and lab results, doctors and patients.

These icons are provided in .AI (Adobe Illustrator) format and are suitable for specialized medical/clinical software applications, mobile applications, websites, e-stores and presentations.


Please download Medical Vector Icons Catalog for entire list of icons.

Icons List

Anatomy, Artery, Bacteria, Blood Drop, Blood Red Cells, Bones, Bone Injury, Brain, Brain Anatomical Regions, Cancer Cells, Cell 1, Cell 2, Cells, Deceased, DNA, Ear, Embryo, Eye, Eye Anatomy, Foot, Foot Injury, Hand, Hand Injury, Heart, Heart Injury, Intestine, Jaw, Kidneys, Liver, Liver Cirrhosis, Lungs, Lungs Smoking, Lymph Drop, Mouth, Muscle, Neuron, Nose, Skin Anatomy, Skull, Skull Brain, Skull Injury, Sperm, Stomach, Tooth, Tooth Anatomy, Tooth Dental Caries, Tooth Dental Caries, Uterus, Virus, Zygote, Zygote Sperm, Barcode, Biological Hazard Symbol, Blood Analysis Document, Caduceus, Caduceus Star Blue Symbol, Caduceus Star Red Symbol, Calendar Baby, Calendar Clock, Calendar Day, Calendar Doctor Visit, Calendar Month, Calendar Period, Calendar Schedule, Calendar Week, Calendar Year, Cardiac Monitor, Cardiac Monitor Fun, Clinical Analysis Document, CT Scan, Doctor Identity Card, Donor List Document, Echocardiogram, EKG, Gender Female Body Symbol, Gender Female Symbol, Gender Male Body Symbol, Gender Male Symbol, Hospital Cross Red Symbol, Insurance Card, Invoice Document, Invoice Paid Document, Ionizing Radiation Hazard Symbol Circle, License, Medical Encyclopedia, Medical Folder, Medical Form, Medical History, Medical Report, MRI Image, Name Tag, Nuclear Medicine Scan, Organ Donation Green Ribbon, Patient Information, PET Scan, Prescription Document, Prescription Symbol, Progress Notes Document, Psychological Test, Questionnaire, Receipt Document, Reminder Note, Rod Of Asclepius Veterinary Star Red Symbol, Rod O fAsclepius Star Red Symbol, Ultrasound Image, Ultrasound Image Fetus, Urine Test Strip, X-Ray Bone Broken, X-Ray Chest, X-Ray Foot, X-Ray Hand, X-Ray Knee, X-Ray Teeth, X-Ray Tooth, Adhesive Bandage, Alcohol Drink, Alcohol Drink Cigarette, Ambulance Helicopter, Ambulance Pickup, Ambulance Truck, Baby Bed, Baby Bottle, Baby Carriage, Baby Weight Scales, Balance Scale, Balance Scale Pills, Bandage, Barcode Reader, Bedpan, Blood Bag, Blood Pressure Meter, Body Weight Scale, Capsules, Capsule Blue, Capsule Green, Capsule Pill, Capsule Red, Capsule Yellow, Crutch Forearm, Dental Chair, Dental Cuspidor, Dental Drill, Dental Implant, Dropper, Dropper Dose, Emergency Department, Emergency Lighting Red, Erlenmeyer Flask Chemical, Erlenmeyer Flask Chemicals, Eye Chart, First Aid Kit, Glass Medication Liquid, Glass Water, Glass Water Pills, Glass Water Tablet, Hemp, Herbal Tincture, Herbs, Hospital Bed, Hospital Building1, Hospital Building2, Inhaler Dry Powder Inhaler, Inhaler Metered Dose Inhaler, Intravenous Therapy, IV Bag, Knife, Knife Blood, Medical Bag, Medical Gloves, Medical ID Bracelet, Medical Thermometer Celsius, Medical Thermometer Fahrenheit, Medical Thermometer Mercury In Glass, Medical Thermometer Red, Medication Antibiotic, Medication Antidepressant, Medication Antihistamines, Medication Antiviral, Medication HeartCare, Medication Poison, Microscope, MRI Scanner, Obstetric Forceps, Oxygen Tank, Pacifier, Pager, Periodic Table, Pharmacy Building, Pharmacy Herbs, Pill, Pill Organizer, Pills Blister Pack, Pliers, Prescription Bottle, Prescription Bottle Capsule, Safety Glasses, Scalpel, Smoking Cigarette, Smoking Cigarettes, Soap, Stetoscope, Syringe, Syringe Full, Syringe Full Vial, Syringe Vial Full, Tablet Computer, Temperature Cold, Temperature Hot, Test Tubes, Test Tubes Liquids, Toothbrush, Toothbrush Toothpaste, Toothpaste, Treatment, Tube, Ultrasound Scanner, Urine, Waiting Room, Walker, Wheelchair, Allergist Female, Allergist Male, Angel, Army Nurse Female, Army Nurse Male, Baby, Boss Female, Boss Male, Cardiologist Female, Cardiologist Male, Child Female, Child Male, Dentist Female, Dentist Male, Doctor Female, Doctor Male, Group Doctors, Group Doctor Nurse, Group Doctor Patient, Group Mother Newborn, Group Patients, Group Surgeon Nurse, Group Surgeon Patient, Group Parents Baby, Group Parents Newborn, Group Family, Group Meeting, Gynaecologist Female, Gynaecologist Male, Immunologist Female, Immunologist Male, Laboratory Assistant Female, Laboratory Assistant Male, Medical Student Female, Medical Student Male, Newborn, Nurse Female, Nurse Male, Nutritionist Female, Nutritionist Male, Ophthalmologist Female, Ophthalmologist Male, Otolaryngologist Female, Otolaryngologist Male, Patient Injured Female, Patient Injured Male, Patient Female, Patient Male, Pediatrician Female, Pediatrician Male, Pharmacist Female, Pharmacist Male, Pregnant, Pulmonologist Female, Pulmonologist Male, Receptionist Female, Receptionist Male, Retiree Female, Retiree Male, Surgeon Female, Surgeon Male, Teenager Female, Teenager Male, Urologist Female, Urologist Male, Veterinarian Female, Veterinarian Male

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Body Icons, Anatomy Icons

Medical Documents Icons

Medical and Clinical Equipment Icons

Medical Personal and Patients Icons


Please download Medical Vector Icons Free Demo. It includes several icons in all sizes under Icons-Land Demo License Agreement.

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