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Metro Weather Vector Icons

Metro Weather Vector Icons

Metro Weather Vector Icons    Weather Vector Icons

Version: 1.0
Series: Vector Icons
Style: Metro
Count: 349
Format:             .AI (Adobe Illustrator)
Colors: TrueColor + Alpha
Sizes: Any Size (Vector)
Price: 90 USD   180 USD

This weather icon set contains 349 vector icons in modern Metro style suitable for mobile, desktop and web applications in AI (Adobe Illustrator) format. These icons represent different weather conditions and are devided into two parts: casual icons and professional icons, designed accordingly to international standards.


Please download Metro Weather Vector Icons Catalog for entire list of icons.

Icons List

Barometer, Binoculars, Cloud, Cloudy, Cloudy Mostly, Cloudy Mostly Hail, Cloudy Mostly Rain, Cloudy Mostly Snow, Cloudy Partly, Cloudy Partly Hail, Cloudy Partly Rain, Cloudy Partly Snow, Cyclone NorthHemisphere, Cyclone SouthHemisphere, Daytime N/A, Fog Cloud, Fog Clouds, Fog Day, Freezing Rain, Funnel Cloud, Hail, Hailstone, Hail Heavy, Hail Occasional, Humidity, Ice, Lightning, Moon, Moonrise, Moonrise Arrow, Moonset, Moonset Arrow, Moon Phase First Quarter, Moon Phase Full, Moon Phase Last Quarter, Moon Phase New, Moon Phase Waning Crescent, Moon Phase Waning Gibbous, Moon Phase Waxing Crescent, Moon Phase Waxing Gibbous, Nighttime N/A, Night Clear Few Clouds, Night Cloudy Mostly, Night Cloudy Partly, Night Cloudy Partly Hail, Night Cloudy Partly Rain, Night Cloudy Partly Snow, Night Fog, Night Hail, Night Hail Occasional, Night Rain, Night Rain Occasional, Night Snow, Night Snow Occasional, Night Thunderstorm, Pollen Flower, Rain, Rainbow, Raindrop, Rain Heavy, Rain Occasional, Sleet, Sleet Showers, Snow, Snowflake, Snow Heavy, Snow Occasional, Sunglasses, Sunny, Sunny Few Clouds, Sunrise, Sunrise Arrow, Sunset, Sunset Arrow, Temperature Celsius, Temperature Fahrenheit, Thermometer, Thermometer Air, Thermometer Day, Thermometer Night, Thermometer Raindrop, Thermometer Snowflake, Thermometer Sun, Thunderstorm, Thunderstorm Heavy, Thunderstorm Occasional, Umbrella, Vane, Volcano Ash, Volcano Gases, Warning, WindRose, Wind Direction, Wind Flag Breeze, Wind Flag Gale, Wind Flag Storm, Wind Leaves, Wind Left, Wind Right, Professional Weather Icons

Icons Preview

Preview of one icon

Weather Vector Icons - one icon in Adobe Illustrator

Icons preview of Metro Weather Vector Icons

Icons preview of Metro Weather Vector Icons

Professional Weather Icons


Please download Metro Weather Vector Icons Free Demo. It includes several icons in all sizes under Icons-Land Demo License Agreement.

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