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Vista Style People Icons Set

Vista Style People Icons Set

Vista Style People Icons Set    People Icons Set

Version: 1.0
Style: Vista/Seven
Count: 244
Variations: 807
Formats:             .PNG, .ICO on request
Sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256
Price: 90 USD   120 USD

This set of ready-made icons represents more then 400 different people in 807 variations of different jobs, occupations, ages, historical periods, nations, religions, sports activities. People are pictured in Windows Vista/Seven Style.

Icons-Land Vista Style People Icons Set includes the foregoing images in the following 7 sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256. All icons are crafted in .PNG format. .ICO format is available on request. People Icons are designed in Vista/Seven style and all of them are three-dimensional (3D). The 256x256 size is specific for Vista/Seven style, and the icons in it are well painted.

Vista Style People Icons Set can be used in applications for your PC or on mobile devices, on various websites, presentations, videos. They can be implemented in the following applications: contact management systems, human resources systems, job search sites, dating websites, forums, social networks, and much more.


Please download Vista Style People Icons Set Catalog for entire list of icons.

Icons List

 #  Icon Name  Var. Meaning
People Ages Icons
1  Adult4  Adult
2  Baby4  Baby, Infant
3  Child4  Child, Kid
4  Newborn4  Newborn, Neonate
5  Retiree4  Pensioner, Retiree, Old Age, Elderly, Senior Citizen, Advanced Adult
6  Teenager4  Teenager, Minor, Adolescent
7  Youth4  Youth, Young Person
People Groups Icons
8  Agents2  Agents
9  Aircrew2  Aircrew
10  Army Soldiers2  Army Soldiers
11  Buyers2  Buyers
12  Casual People Group2  Casual People Group
13  Children2  Children
14  Clients2  Clients
15  Customers2  Customers
16  Employees2  Employees
17  Engineers2  Engineers
18  Father Newborn2  Father and Newborn
19  Health Professionals2  Health Professionals
20  Married Couple2  Married Couple, Just Married, Marriage, Wedding, Newly Wedded
21  Mother Newborn2  Mother Newborn
22  Organization Authorities2  Organization Authorities, Board of Directors
23  Parents2  Parents
24  Retirees2  Retirees, Pensioners, Seniors
25  Sportspersons2  Sportspersons
26  Teenagers2  Teenagers
27  Users4  Users
28  Casual group of 31  Casual group of 3
29  Criminals2  Criminals, Thefts, Robbers
30  Father Kids2  Father Kids
31  Judges2  Judges
32  Military Personnel2  Military Personnel
33  Mother Kids2  Mother Kids
34  Parents Baby2  Parents Baby
35  Parents Child2  Parents Child
36  Parents Newborn2  Parents Newborn
37  Parents Teenager2  Parents Teenager
38  Party2  Party
39  Rescuers2  Rescuers
40  Sportspersons2  Sportspersons
41  Tourists2  Tourists
42  Workers2  Workers
43  Conversation2  Conversation
44  Family2  Family
45  Meeting2  Meeting
46  Conference3  Conference
Historical People Icons
47  Ancient Egyptian Citizen2  Ancient Egyptian Citizen
48  Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh2  Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh
49  Ancient Greek2  Ancient Greek
50  Ancient Roman2  Ancient Roman
51  Barbarian2  Barbarian
52  Conquistador1  Conquistador
53  Cossack2  Cossack
54  Cowboy2  Cowboy, Cowgirl, Wild West
55  Fool2  Fool, Joker
56  Gangster2  Gangster
57  Geisha1  Geisha
58  King1  King
59  Queen1  Queen
60  Princess2  Princess
61  Knight2  Knight
62  Ninja2  Ninja
63  Pirate2  Pirate
64  Samurai2  Samurai
65  Santa Claus2  Santa Claus
66  Viking2  Viking
67  Wizard2  Wizard
Medical People Icons
68  Allergist4  Allergist, Allergologist
69  Army Nurse4  Army Nurse
70  Cardiologist4  Cardiologist,
71  Dentist4  Dentist, Stomatologist
72  Doctor4  Doctor, Physician
73  Gynaecologist4  Gynaecologist, Gynecologist
74  Immunologist4  Immunologist
75  Medical Student4  Medical Student
76  Nurse4  Nurse
77  Ophthalmologist4  Ophthalmologist, Oculist
78  Patient4  Patient
79  Pediatrician4  Pediatrician, Paediatrics, Paediatrician
80  Pharmacist4  Pharmacist, Druggist, Chemist, Apothecary
81  Pregnant2  Pregnant
82  Surgeon4  Surgeon
83  Veterinarian4  Veterinarian, Veterinary Surgeon, Vet
Misc People Icons
84  Person Defined4  Person Defined
85  Person Undefined4  Person Undefined
Nations Icons
86  African2  African
87  Afro American2  Afro American
88  American Indian2  American Indian
89  Arab2  Arab
90  Asian2  Asian
91  Caucasian2  Caucasian
92  Eskimo2  Eskimo
93  Mexican2  Mexican
Occupation Icons, Job Icons
94  Actor4  Actor, Actress, Player
95  Air Traffic Controller4  Air Traffic Controller, Air Controller, Flight Controller, Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO), Air Traffic Control Specialist
96  Ambassador4  Ambassador, Embassador, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
97  Announcer4  Announcer, Speaker, Sports Commentator, Sportscaster
98  Archeologist4  Archeologist, Archaeologist
99  Army Captain4  Army Captain
100  Army General4  Army General
101  Army Soldier4  Army Soldier
102  Artist4  Artist, Player
103  Astronaut4  Astronaut, Cosmonaut
104  Auditor4  Auditor, Inspector, Financist
105  Auto Mechanic4  Auto Mechanic, Car Mechanic, Motor Mechanic, Automotive Technician
106  Baker4  Baker
107  Banker4  Banker
108  Bartender4  Bartender, Barman, Barkeeper, Barmaid, Tapster, Mixologist
109  Bellboy4  Bellboy, Bellhop, Bellman
110  Bookkeeper4  Bookkeeper
111  Cameraman4  Cameraman, Camera Operator, Cinematographer
112  Chef4  Chef
113  Chef Pizza4  Chef Pizza
114  Cleaner4  Cleaner, Janitor, Swabber, Office-Cleaner
115  Clown4  Clown, Joker, Circus Clown
116  Computer Administrator4  Computer Administrator, System Administrator
117  Cook4  Cook
118  Decorator4  Decorator, House Painter
119  Delegate4  Delegate, Deputy
120  Delivery Person4  Delivery Person, Deliveryman
121  Disc Jockey4  Disc Jockey, Disk Jockey, DJ, Deejay
122  Domestic Worker4  Domestic Worker
123  Electrical Engineer4  Electrical Engineer
124  Engineer4  Engineer
125  Environmental Engineer4  Environmental Engineer
126  Event Manager4  Event Manager
127  Farmer4  Farmer, Farmworker
128  Filmmaker4  Filmmaker, Film Director, Film Producer, Movie Producer
129  Financier4  Financier
130  Firefighter4  Firefighter, Fireman
131  Fisherman4  Fisherman, Fisher, Angler
132  Flight Attendant4  Flight Attendant, Steward, Stewardess, Air Host, Air Hostess
133  Foreman4  Foreman, Construction Worker
134  Graduate4  Graduate
135  Graphic Designer4  Graphic Designer, Graphic Artist
136  Guide4  Guide
137  Guitarist4  Guitarist
138  Hacker4  Hacker
139  Hair Stylist4  Hair Stylist, Barber, Hairdresser
140  Historian4  Historian
141  Hunter4  Hunter
142  Investor4  Investor
143  Janitor4  Janitor
144  Journalist4  Journalist, Correspondent, Reporter, Pressman, Newsperson
145  Judge4  Judge, Arbiter, Bencher
146  Lawyer4  Lawyer, Attorney, Barrister, Counsel
147  Librarian4  Librarian
148  Lifeguard8  Lifeguard
149  Machine Operator4  Machine Operator, Engineer, Machineman, Machinist, Mechanic, Engine Operator, Serviceman
150  Mail Carrier4  Mail Carrier, Mailman, Postman, Postwoman, Letter Carrier, Postie
151  Marketer4  Marketer
152  Minister4  Minister
153  Musician4  Musician, Bandsman, Violinist, Fiddler
154  Naval Admiral4  Naval Admiral
155  Naval Captain4  Naval Captain
156  Naval Seaman4  Naval Seaman
157  Night Watchman4  Night Watchman
158  Nuclear Engineer4  Nuclear Engineer
159  Painter4  Painter, Artist
160  Photographer4  Photographer, Cameraman
161  Pilot4  Pilot, Aviator, Flyer, Flier
162  Military Pilot4  Military Pilot, Military Aviator
163  Military Pilot Old Fashioned4  Military Pilot Old Fashioned, Military Aviator Old Fashioned
164  Pizza Deliveryman4  Pizza Deliveryman
165  Police Captain4  Police Captain
166  Police Officer4  Police Officer, Policeman, Policewoman, Constable, Law Enforcer
167  Police Sheriff4  Police Sheriff
168  Prisoner4  Prisoner
169  Professor4  Professor, Instructor, Lecturer, Academic
170  Programmer4  Programmer, Coder, Developer
171  Publicity Agent4  Publicity Agent
172  Real Estate Broker4  Real Estate Broker
173  Receptionist4  Receptionist
174  Reporter4  Reporter, Newsman, Pressman, Newsperson
175  Robber4  Robber, Burglar, Thief, Hijacker
176  Sales Agent4  Sales Agent
177  Scientist4  Scientist
178  Sculptor8  Sculptor, Artist
179  Secretary4  Secretary, Assistant
180  Security Guard4  Security Guard, Body Guard, Protection Servant
181  Singer4  Singer, Crooner, Songster
182  Spy8  Spy, Agent, Double Agent, Counterspy, Secret Agent
183  Student4  Student, Schoolboy, Schoolgirl, Pupil
184  System Administrator4  System Administrator, Network Administrator
185  Taxi Driver4  Taxi Driver
186  Teacher4  Teacher, Tutor, Instructor, Lecturer
187  Technical Support Representative4  Technical Support Representative
188  Terrorist8  Terrorist
189  Thief4  Thief, Pilferer, Burglar, Housebreaker, House-Breaker, Cracksman, Picklock, Yegg
190  Tourist4  Tourist
191  Virtuoso4  Virtuoso, Artist, Virtuosa
192  Waiter4  Waiter, Waitress, Waiting staff, Wait Staff, Waitstaff, Waitperson
193  Web Designer4  Web Designer, Graphic Designer
194  Worker4  Worker
195  Writer4  Writer, Author, Authoress
Office Workers Icons
196  Agent4  Agent
197  Boss4  Boss
198  Buyer4  Buyer
199  Chief4  Chief
200  Client4  Client
201  Customer4  Customer
202  Employee4  Employee
203  Founder4  Founder
204  User8  User
Religions Icons
205  Bhikkhu2  Buddhist Monastic, Bhikkhu, Bhiksu
206  Bhikkhuni2  Buddhist Monastic, Bhikkhuni
207  Bishop1  Bishop
208  Catholic Monk1  Catholic Monk
209  Catholic Nun1  Catholic Nun
210  Christian Monk1  Christian Monk
211  Christian Nun1  Christian Nun
212  Christian Priest1  Christian Priest
213  Jew2  Jew
214  Muslim2  Muslim
215  Orthodox Christian Monk1  Orthodox Christian Monk
216  Orthodox Christian Nun1  Orthodox Christian Nun
217  Pope1  Pope
218  Sadhu1  Sadhu
219  Sadhvi1  Sadhvi
Rest Icons
220  Bath4  Bath, Shower
221  Coffee Break4  Coffee Break, Tea Break
222  Swimwear4  Swimwear
223  Winter Wear4  Winter Wear
Social Life Icons, Wedding Icons
224  Bride2  Bride, Fiancee
225  Bridegroom2  Bridegroom, Groom
226  Bridesmaid2  Bridesmaid
227  Groomsman2  Groomsman, Usher, Best Man
Sports People Icons
228  Baseball Player4  Baseball Player
229  Basketball Player4  Basketball Player
230  Boxer4  Boxer, Pugilist, Fighter
231  Cyclist4  Cyclist, Bicyclist
232  Diver4  Diver
233  Fencer4  Fencer, Swordsman, Master of Fencing
234  Football Player4  Football Player
235  Golf Player4  Golf Player, Golfer
236  Hiker4  Hiker, Traveller, Climber
237  Jockey4  Horse Racing Jockey, Rider, Equestrian
238  Race Car Driver4  Race Car Driver, Sport Bike Driver
239  Skier4  Skier
240  Soccer Player4  Soccer Player
241  Swimmer4  Swimmer
242  Tennis Player4  Tennis Player
243  Volleyball Player4  Volleyball Player
244  Wrestler4  Wrestler, Fighter
Total: 244807  244 Icons, 807 Variations

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Preview of one icon in all sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256

People Icons Set - One icon in all sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256

Preview of one icon in different variations:

Vista Style People Icons Set - One icon in different variations

Icons preview of Vista Style People Icons Set

People Ages Icons

People Groups Icons

Historical People Icons

Medical People Icons

Misc People Icons

Nations Icons

Occupation Icons, Job Icons

Office Workers Icons

Religions Icons

Rest Icons

Social Life Icons, Wedding Icons

Sports People Icons

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