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Vista Style Transport Icon Set V3.0

Vista Style Transport Icon Set

Vista Style Transport Icon Set    Transport Icon Set

Version: 3.0
Style: Vista/Seven
Count: 164
Variations: 1012
Formats:             .PNG, .ICO on request
Sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256
Price: 90 USD   120 USD

This set of ready-made icons represents 164 objects in 1012 variations of various modern transport facilities such as Aircrafts, Bikes, Cars, Containers, Emergency Vehicles, Ground Support Equipment, Heavy Equipment, Public Transport, Rail Transport, Trucks, Watercraft Equipment, Watercraft, etc. Each mode of transport is pictured in Windows Vista Style.

Icons-Land Vista Style Transport Icon Set includes the foregoing images in the following 7 sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256. All icons are crafted in .PNG format. .ICO format is available on request. Transport Icons are designed in Vista style and all of them are three-dimensional (3D). The 256x256 size is specific for Vista style, and the icons in it are well painted. All images of Vista Style Transport Icon Set are hand-crafted pixel by pixel for the smallest size of 16x16 pixels, what makes them well recognizable.

Vista Style Transport Icon Set can be used in applications for your PC or on mobile devices, on various websites, presentations, in Transport and Tourism industries, etc. They can be implemented in the following applications: vehicles monitoring on the map (construction, cargo transportation, assets management, fleet management), logistics applications, vehicle registration, cargo distribution, city public transport schedule, plotting of public conveyances traffic, and much more.

Transport Icon Set is ideal for GPS tracking applications and websites. It contains large number of different vehicles in different colors, that helps to distinguish them on maps and display their statuses.


Please download Vista Style Transport Icon Set Catalog for entire list of icons.

Icons List

 #  Icon Name  Var. Meaning
Aircrafts Icons
1  Airliner6  Airliner, Airplane, Plane, Aeroplane, Jet, Aircraft, Aviation
2  Airplane6  Airplane, Plane, Aeroplane, Jet, Aircraft, Aviation
3  Helicopter6  Helicopter, Aircraft
Bikes Icons
4  Bicycle6  Bicycle, Cycle, Bike
5  Cruiser Motorcycle6  Cruiser Motorcycle
6  Motorcycle6  Motorcycle, Motorbike, Sport Bike
7  Pedicab6  Pedicab, Cycle Rickshaw, Bikecab, Cyclo, Becak, Trishaw, Rickshaw
8  Quadbike6  Quadbike, All Terrain Vehicle, ATV
9  Recumbent Trike12  Recumbent Trike, Tricycle, Trike
10  Scooter6  Scooter
11  Touring Motorcycle6  Touring Motorcycle
Cars Icons
12  Cabriolet6  Cabriolet, Convertible Car, Roadster, Spyder, Spider
13  Camper Van6  Camper Van, Campervan, Camper, Caravanette, Motorhome, Motorcaravan
14  Car6  Car
15  Executive Car6  Executive Car, Luxury Vehicle, Large Family Car
16  Hatchback6  Hatchback
17  Hybrid Car6  Hybrid Car, Hybrid Electric Vehicle, HEV
18  Jeep6  Jeep, Off-Road Vehicle, Compact SUV, Sport Utility Vehicle
19  Limousine6  Limousine, Limo, Luxury Car, Luxury Vehicle, Party Bus, Party Ride
20  Luxury Car12  Luxury Car, Executive Car
21  Minibus6  Minibus, Mini Coach, Midibus
22  Minicar6  Minicar, Mini Car, Urban Car, City Car, Kei Car, Town Car, Economy Car
23  Minicar Trailer6  Minicar Trailer, Mini Car Trailer, Urban Car Trailer, City Car Trailer, Kei Car Trailer
24  Minitruck6  Minitruck, Mini Truck, Pickup
25  MUV6  MUV, Minivan, Multi-Purpose Vehicle, MPV, People-Carrier, People-Mover, Multi-Utility Vehicle
26  Panel Van6  Panel Van, Panelvan, Van
27  Pickup6  Pickup, Pick-up
28  Service Van6  Service Van, Cargo Van
29  Sports Car6  Sports Car, Sport Compact, Sports Sedan, Sports Saloon
30  Station Wagon6  Station Wagon, Estate Car
31  SUV6  SUV, Sport Utility Vehicle, Crossover
32  Van6  Van
Containers Icons
33  20ft Container6  20ft Container
34  40ft Container6  40ft Container
35  Container6  Container
36  Domestic Oil Tank6  Domestic Oil Tank
37  Skip6  Skip
38  Swap Container6  Swap Container
39  Swap Curtain Side Container6  Swap Curtain Side Container
40  Swap Tank Container6  Swap Tank Container
Disability Icons
41  Wheelchair6  Wheelchair
Emergency Vehicles Icons
42  Air Ambulance6  Air Ambulance, Helicopter
43  Ambulance6  Ambulance, First-aid Đar, Emergency Vehicle
44  Fire Truck6  Fire Truck, Fire Escape, Fire-engine, Fire-Fighting Vehicle, Emergency Vehicle
45  Police Car6  Police, Police Car, Emergency Vehicle
46  Recovery Truck6  Recovery Truck, Tow Truck, Wrecker, Breakdown Truck, Recovery Truck, Breakdown Lorry
47  Tow Truck6  Tow Truck, Wrecker, Breakdown Truck, Recovery Truck, Breakdown Lorry
Ground Support Equipment Icons
48  Belt Loader6  Belt Loader
49  Container Loader6  Container Loader
50  Ground Power Unit Trailer6  Ground Power Unit Trailer
51  Pushback Tug6  Pushback Tug, Pushback Tractor
52  Tempest Deicer6  Tempest Deicer
Heavy Equipment Icons
53  Backhoe Loader6  Backhoe Loader, Loader Backhoe, Digger, Backhoe
54  Bulldozer6  Bulldozer
55  Compact Excavator6  Compact Excavator, Mini Excavator
56  Excavator6  Excavator
57  Farm Tractor6  Farm Tractor, Tractor
58  Forklift Truck12  Forklift Truck, Lift Truck, High/Low, Stacker-Truck, Trailer Loader, Sideloader, Fork Truck, Tow-motor, Fork Hoist
59  Landfill Compactor6  Landfill Compactor, Landfill Compaction Vehicle
60  Loader6  Loader, Bucket Loader, Front Loader, Front End Loader, Payloader, Scoop Loader, Shovel, Skip Loader, Wheel Loader
61  Material Handler6  Material Handler
62  Road Roller6  Road Roller, Roller-Compactor, Roller, Compactor
63  Road Sweeper6  Road Sweeper, Street Sweeper, Street Cleaner
64  Roller Compactor6  Roller Compactor
65  Skid Steer Loader6  Skid Steer Loader, Skid Loader
66  Skip Loader6  Skip Loader
67  Soil Stabilizer6  Soil Stabilizer
68  Steam Roller6  Steam Roller, Steamroller
69  Street Sweeper6  Street Sweeper, Street Cleaner, Road Sweeper
70  Telescopic Handler6  Telescopic Handler, Telehandler
71  Tower Crane6  Tower Crane
72  Truck Mounted Crane12  Truck Mounted Crane, Mobile Crane
73  Wheeled Excavator6  Wheeled Excavator
74  Wrecking Ball6  Wrecking Ball
Military Icons
75  Tank6  Tank
Miscellaneous Icons
76  Car Repair6  Car Repair, Breakdown
77  Taxi Pink1  Pink Taxi
78  Tyre1  Tyre
79  Wheel1  Wheel
80  Wheel Rim1  Wheel Rim
Public Transport Icons
81  Coach6  Coach, Motor Coach
82  Commuter Bus6  Commuter Bus, Transit Bus, City Bus, Public Bus
83  Double Decker Bus6  Double Decker Bus, Double-decker
84  Double Decker Bus Open Top6  Double Decker Bus, Double-decker
85  School Bus6  School Bus, Student Transport
86  Subway6  Underground Train, Subway, Underground, Tube, Tube Railroad, Underground Railroad
87  Taxi6  Taxi, Cab
88  Tram6  Tram, Tramway Car
89  Transit Bus6  Transit Bus, Commuter Bus, Đity Bus, Public Bus
90  Trolleybus6  Trolleybus, Trolley Bus
Rail Transport Icons
91  Diesel Locomotive6  Diesel Locomotive
92  Diesel Locomotive Boxcar6  Diesel Locomotive Boxcar
93  Steam Locomotive6  Steam Locomotive
94  Steam Locomotive Tender6  Steam Locomotive Tender
95  Train6  Train, Railway Station, Railroad Terminal
Trailers Icons
96  Box Trailer6  Box Trailer, Semitrailer
97  Caravan6  Caravan, Travel Trailer
98  Car Trailer6  Car Trailer, Car Semitrailer
99  Containerized Generator Trailer6  Containerized Generator Trailer
100  Curtain Side Trailer6  Curtain Side Trailer
101  Flatbed Trailer6  Flatbed Trailer
102  Flatbed Trailer Bulkhead6  Flatbed Trailer Bulkhead
103  Flatbed Trailer Loader Crane Head6  Flatbed Trailer Loader Crane Head
104  Flatbed Trailer Loader Crane Rear6  Flatbed Trailer Loader Crane Rear
105  Full Trailer6  Full Trailer
106  Jetter Trailer6  Jetter Trailer
107  Lowboy Trailer6  Lowboy Trailer
108  Plant Trailer6  Plant Trailer
109  Reefer Trailer6  Reefer Trailer, Refrigerated Container, Reefer
110  Super Silent Generator Trailer6  Super Silent Generator Trailer
111  Tanker Trailer12  Tanker Trailer
112  Travel Trailer6  Travel Trailer, Caravan
113  Ultra Silent Generator Trailer6  Ultra Silent Generator Trailer
114  Utility Trailer6  Utility Trailer, Vehicle Trailer, Semitrailer
115  Waste Tanker Trailer6  Waste Tanker Trailer
116  Water Bowser Trailer6  Water Bowser Trailer
117  Wood Chipper6  Wood Chipper
Trucks Icons
118  Bin Truck6  Bin Truck, Garbage Truck, Trash Truck, Dustcart, Dustbin Lorry, Bin Motor, Waste Collection Vehicle, Refuse Collection Vehicle
119  CCTV Truck6  CCTV Truck
120  Concrete Pump6  Concrete Pump
121  Flatbed Truck Loader Crane Head6  Flatbed Truck Loader Crane Head
122  Flatbed Truck Loader Crane Rear6  Flatbed Truck Loader Crane Rear
123  Fuel Tank Truck6  Fuel Tank Truck, Tank Truck, Road Tanker
124  Gritter6  Gritter
125  Gully Emptier6  Gully Emptier
126  Haul Truck6  Haul Truck
127  Lorry6  Lorry, Truck
128  Lorry Cab6  Lorry Cab
129  Lorry Trailer6  Lorry Trailer
130  LPG Tank Truck6  LPG Tank Truck, Tank Truck, Road Tanker
131  Mixer Truck12  Mixer Truck, Cement Truck, Concrete Mixer, Đement Mixer
132  Petroleum Tank Truck6  Petroleum Tank Truck, Tank Truck, Road Tanker
133  Service Truck6  Service Truck
134  Sewer Cleaning Truck6  Sewer Cleaning Truck, Vacuum Truck, Suction Excavator, Vacuum Excavator
135  Silo Truck12  Silo Truck
136  Skip Truck6  Skip Truck
137  Snow Plow Truck6  Snow Plow Truck
138  Tanker Truck6  Tanker Truck, Tank Truck, Road Tanker
139  Tipper Truck6  Tipper Truck
140  Tractor Flatbed Trailer6  Tractor Flatbed Trailer
141  Tractor Trailer12  Tractor Trailer, Semi-trailer Truck, Semi, Tractor-trailer, Articulated Truck, Articulated Lorry, Truck and Trailer, Transfer Truck, 18-wheeler, Mack Truck, Big Rig, Transport, Artic
142  Tractor Unit6  Tractor Unit, Tractor, Truck
143  Truck6  Truck, Lorry
144  Truck V6  Truck V, Lorry
145  Water Tank Truck6  Water Tank Truck, Tank Truck, Road Tanker
Watercraft Equipment Icons
146  Boat Equipment6  Boat Equipment, Lifebuoy, Compass
147  Lifebuoy6  Lifebuoy, Ring Buoy, Lifering, Lifesaver, Lifebelt
148  Outboard Motor6  Outboard Motor
Watercrafts Icons
149  Barge6  Barge
150  Boat6  Boat
151  Bulk Carrier6  Bulk Carrier
152  Cargo Ship6  Cargo Ship
153  Catamaran6  Catamaran
154  Container Ship6  Container Ship
155  Cruise Ship6  Cruise Ship, Cruise Liner, Passenger Ship
156  Inflatable Boat6  Inflatable Boat
157  Motorboat6  Motorboat
158  Rescue Lifeboat6  Rescue Lifeboat, Boat
159  Sailboat6  Sailboat
160  Sailing Ship6  Sailing Ship
161  Schooner6  Schooner
162  Tanker6  Tanker
163  Water Bike6  Water Bike
164  Water Motorcycle6  Water Motorcycle
Total: 1641012  164 Icons, 1012 Variations

Icons Preview

Preview of one icon in all sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256

Transport Icon Set - One icon in all sizes: 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256

Preview of one icon in different variations:

Vista Style Transport Icon Set - One icon in different variations

Icons preview of Vista Style Transport Icon Set

Airplane Icons, Aircraft Icons, Ground Support Service Icons

Cars Icons, Motorcycle Icons, Sports Car Icon

Misc Transport Icons

Public Transport Icons, Rail Transport Icons, Train Icon, Emergency Vehicles Icons, Police Car Icon

Heavy Equipment Icons, Construction Icons

Trailers Icons, Containers Icons

Trucks Icons, Delivery Truck Icon, Shipping Truck Icon, Semi Truck Icon, Pickup Truck Icon, Moving Truck Icon

Cruise Ship Vector Icon, Cargo Ship Vector Icon, Sail Ship Vector Icon, Watercrafts Icons, Watercraft Equipment Icons

Note: Not all icons are displayed on these preview images. Some small icon modifications are not there.
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